Statewatch article: RefNo# 33065
Italy: ASGI statement over Lampedusa video highlights
Statewatch News Online, December 2013
Following the shocking images of naked migrants being sprayed with disinfectant that was aired on the Rai 2 evening news programme, ASGI has issued a statement (translation):

"Associazione studi giuridici sull’immigrazione (A.S.G.I.) expresses its disdain for the practices – documented by the national media – that migrants from both sexes were subjected to in the first aid and reception centre (CPSA) in Lampedusa. They are inhuman and degrading treatments, forbidden by the Convention for the protection of human rights and which constitute possible criminal offences that, beyond their judicial categorisation, are symbolic of living conditions in the administrative detention centres: they are a further reason to forcefully call for their immediate closure."

See the full text: Italy: ASGI statement over Lampedusa video highlights (pdf)

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