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EU: Documents: visas and law enforcement
Statewatch News Online, August 2015
The Council of the EU will continue its work on revised EU visa rules in September, when its Visa Working Party discusses a draft text put together by the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council.


  • Presidency, 'Draft Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Union Code on Visas' (Visa Code) (recast) (11003/15, 24 July, pdf)
  • Notice of meeting and provisional agenda: Visa Working Party, 2 and 3 September 2015 (pdf)

    Meanwhile the Council is moving towards adopting a new legal basis for access by law enforcement agencies to the Visa Information System, which contains the personal details (including biometrics) of all visa-holders. This will meet the requirements of an April 2015 court judgment that required the drafting of a new legal text.


  • Draft COUNCIL IMPLEMENTING DECISION fixing the date of effect of Decision 2008/633/JHA concerning access for consultation of the Visa Information System (VIS) by designated authorities of Member States and by Europol (10506/15, 10 July 2015, pdf)
  • Judgment: European Court of Justice: Action for annulment of Council Decision 2013/392/EU (Case C-540/13, 16 April 2015, pdf)


  • Law enforcement authorities to gain access to European visa database on 1 September (Statewatch News Online, July 2013)
  • EU officials discuss interconnection of visa database and Schengen Information System (Statewatch News Online, July 2013)
  • Collection of personal data for the EU's Visa Information System spreads further across the globe (Statewatch News Online, October 2012)

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