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EU: Beyond the borders: overview of "external migration dialogues and processes"
Statewatch News Online, August 2016
An official overview of the EU's "external migration dialogues and processes" demonstrates the sprawling nature of the EU's efforts to manage and control migration and provides some details on the recent history of different processes, as well as forthcoming events.

It was presented to Member States' officials at a meeting of the Council of the EU's High-Level Working Group on Asylum and Migration in mid-June and was drawn up by the European Commission and the European External Action Services.

See: Annex to High-Level Working Group on Asylum and Migration on: 13 June 2016, Summary of discussions (10349/16, LIMITE, 22 June 2016, pdf). Includes detailed GAMM (Global Approach to Migration and Mobility) updated 21 pages.

The Council (link) describes the High-Level Working Group as:

"the central forum for strategic discussions and initiatives within the Global Approach to Migration and Mobility (GAMM) framework. The group prepares the ground for concrete actions of implementation, including the identification of countries and of priorities. It consults with relevant working parties when appropriate.

In particular it deals with:

- the external dimension of the EU's asylum and migration policies
- dialogue, cooperation and partnership with countries of origin and transit countries
- legal migration, illegal migration, asylum applicants and development"

The document covers the following topics:

  • Part 1 - The regional processes
    (A) The Prague Process
    (B) The Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum
    (C) The Africa-EU Migration and Mobility Dialogue
    (D) The Rabat Process
    (E) The Budapest Process
    (F) The Khartoum Process
    (G) The ACP-EU Migration Dialogue
    (H) The EU-CELAC Migration Dialogue
    (I) The Valletta Summit
  • Part 2 - The bilateral dialogues
    (A) Turkey
    (B) Southern Mediterranean countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon)
    (C) Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus)
    (D) Russia
    (E) African countries (Cape Verde, Nigeria, Senegal, Ethiopia, South Africa)
    (F) Asian countries (China, India)
    (G) United States of America
    (H) Brazil
  • Part 3 - The global processes
    Global Forum for Migration and Development
    United Nations

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