This database is updated weekly and contains all the material from the Statewatch bulletin (since 1991), Statewatch news online (since 2000) and our archives. Current contents: 34220 records.

All the material added in the last six months is freely accessible. Records that are more than six months old are only available on subscription, just 10 a year for individuals, 25 for institutions.


The database allows you to customise your search in a number of ways:

Search fields

- "title+source+fulltext": will query your search term against all the available search fields in the database;
- "title": will limit your search to within the title of each article only;
- "source": limits the search to the source field, which contains the date of the article (month and year) and details where the article was published (the issue of Statewatch bulletin or Statewatch News Line);
- "fulltext": searches within the text of each article.
Maximum number of search results & results per page

This enables you to select a maximum number of search results, between 10 and 500. If you select a low number of search results, it is the most recent articles that will be found. You can also set the number of results to be displayed on each page, between and 10 and 100. Users with slow internet connections should set a lower value.

Display of results

Allows you to customise the display of the search results. Available fields are "title", "source" (the date and reference of the article) and "introtext" (the first two lines of the article). Selecting "title" will display only the title of the articles your search has found; selecting "title+source" would include the source of the articles as well. Results are always displayed in chronological order beginning with the most recent.

Type of search

This enables you to enter multiple search terms or a specific phrase. Taking the "police surveillance":

- "all of the words": will find any articles containing the words “police” and “surveillance”
- "any of the words": will find all articles that contain either the word “police” or the word “surveillance”
- "exact phrase": will find articles containing the term “police surveillance”
Advanced search

You can also restrict your search to specific countries or categories. Simply check the boxes next to the areas or issues you want to search.

Viewing articles

To view an individual article, click on its title. You can then produce a print-friendly version of the article (by selecting here in the left-hand frame).

Refining your search

To search within your results set select the option on the left hand panel of the screen or at the foot of your results set.

To begin a new search click "search home" at any time.

If you encounter any problems using this database, contact Statewatch at the address below.
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