Statewatch article: RefNo# 36304
EU: Long running debate on PNR enters final furlong
Statewatch News Online, April 2016
"A long-awaited vote on the EU Passenger Name Records (PNR) legislation is likely to take place next week after months of delays.

The vote has been made possible after officials in the Council of Ministers were able to speed up work on the EUís data protection legislation.

The proposed EU PNR directive would oblige airlines to hand EU countries their passengersí data in order to help the authorities to fight terrorism and serious crime."

See the full text: Long running debate on PNR enters final furlong (EU Today, link)

And see: Putting the PNR pieces in place: more EU funding for mass surveillance (Statewatch News Online, March 2016): "The EU Passenger Name Record (PNR) Directive is still yet to be formally approved by the European Parliament, but that has not prevented the European Commission and Member States from setting up the infrastructure required for the mass surveillance of air travel. The latest contribution to this effort is a project led by the Hungarian interior ministry that will investigate ways to make sure that different national systems "are able to communicate with each other," thus facilitating the cross-border exchange of the personal data given by travellers to airlines."

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