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Refugee protests in Europe: fighting for the right to stay by Katrin McGuaran and Kees Hudig
Statewatch Journal; vol 23 no 3/4 February 2014 [c.4908 words] - Feature Article
Over the past eighteen months, well-organised, sustained protests have generated widespread publicity of human rights violations suffered by refug...
New material: policing
[c.1226 words] - Feature Article
PC Blakelock: black people are waiting for justice too. Stafford Scott, The Guardian, 25 July 2013. Following the death of Cynthia Ja...
EU: New police cooperation plan includes surveillance, intelligence-gathering and remote vehicle stopping technology
Statewatch News Online, January 2014 [c.1944 words] - Feature Article
  • European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS) sets out six year plan to increase cooperation on technology research and procur...
    EU: Crystal balls: internal security authorities want "technology foresight"
    Statewatch News Online, February 2013 [c.1086 words] - Feature Article
    11.02.13 - The European Union is to call for the creation of an "internal security technology foresight function" that would ensure "proactive involve...
    EU: Protection of human rights in the EU "rarely a priority", says Human Rights Watch
    Statewatch News Online, February 2013 [c.1042 words] - Feature Article
    07.02.13 - On 1 February, Human Rights Watch (HRW) published its annual world report. [1] The EU, which in the 2012 report was described as "unwilling...
    EU: Europe's police and immigration "mobile identification" enthusiasts prepare to regroup during Irish Presidency of the EU
    Statewatch News Online, January 2013 [c.1354 words] - Feature Article
    An informal working group that seeks to "bring together good practice and advice to member states in relation to developing and using mobile ID device...
    EU: European police step up cooperation on technological research and development
    Statewatch News Online, November 2012 [c.1214 words] - Feature Article
    26.11.12 - EU Member States' police forces have reinforced their cooperation on technological research and development, with current "priority areas"...
    EU: Parliamentary questions in Germany reveal further information on European police project aimed at enhancing covert investigative techniques
    Statewatch News Online, November 2012 [c.1246 words] - Feature Article
    08.11.2012 - Further information has been made public on the EU-funded project International Specialist Law Enforcement (ISLE), the existence of which...
    EU: Widespread implementation of the "principle of availability" further eases information exchange amongst European police forces
    Statewatch News Online, November 2012 [c.1057 words] - Feature Article
    01.11.12 - The vast majority of EU and Schengen states have now transposed the Swedish Framework Decision, a 2006 piece of legislation aimed at implem...
    State Trojans: Germany exports "spyware with a badge", by Kees Hudig
    Statewatch Journal; vol 21 no 4 October-December 2011 [c.3067 words] - Feature Article
    German police have been using software developed by the private company DigiTask to surveil people's internet activity beyond what is allowed by th...
    Transparent social networks: Investigations into digital social interactions, by Christiane Schulzki-Haddouti
    Statewatch Journal; vol 21 no 3 July-September 2011 [c.2784 words] - Feature Article
    Police forces across Europe are increasingly using social media as an investigative tool to detect criminal activity, a technique that is already c...
    EU: Mandatory retention of communications data: update and developments, by Chris Jones
    Statewatch Journal; vol 21 no 2 April-June 2011 [c.1465 words] - Feature Article
    Opposition mounts in Member States and the Council of the European Union decides that in its defence head-lines stories should replace the provisio...
    The growing use of “preventative” arrests, by Kees Hudig
    Statewatch Journal; vol 20 no 3/4 July-December 2010 [c.1685 words] - Feature Article
    Examines police tactics to counter and thwart protests using mass and preventative arrests, new laws and “kettling” to deny the right to demonstrat...
    Netherlands: Central databases challenged, by Kees Hudig
    Statewatch Bulletin; vol 20 no 1 January-March 2010 [c.1557 words] - Feature Article
    The creation of a database containing the fingerprints of all Dutch citizens is being legally challenged by a group of people supported by the Priv...
    Netherlands: Biometric passport data linked to criminal databases by John van Someren (Vrijbit) and Katrin McGauran (Statewatch)
    Statewatch Bulletin; vol 19 no 3 July-September 2009 [c.2861 words] - Feature Article
    The worldwide attack on civil liberties is reflected in the Dutch state, which has become known for its far-reaching control mechanisms and corpora...
    Immigration - in brief
    Statewatch Supplement; August 2008 [c.1429 words] - Feature Article
    Spain: Mobilisation against detention centres On 12 April 2008, around 2,000 people demonstrated under the slogan "No to immigrant detention...
    Netherlands: Immigration detention - systematic and inhumane by Katrin McGauran
    Statewatch Bulletin; vol 18 no 2 April-June 2008 [c.1927 words] - Feature Article
    The Netherlands has the highest rate of immigrant detention per capita in the whole of Europe [1]. This is sometimes debated in the national media, wh...
    Immigration - new material
    Statewatch Bulletin; vol 18 no 1 January-March 2008 [c.1321 words] - Feature Article
    When is a child not a child? Asylum, age disputes and the process of age assessment, Heaven Crawley. ILPA May 2007, pp. 11. This publication considers...
    Netherlands: Schiphol fire: Victim sent to jail
    Statewatch News Online, August 2007 [c.2280 words] - Feature Article
    The fire in the immigration detention centre at Schiphol airport near Amsterdam on the night of 26 to 27 October 2005, killing 11 people and injuring ...
    Netherlands: Police raids on migrant community spark little public outrage
    Statewatch Bulletin; vol 17 no 2 July 2007 [c.1805 words] - Feature Article
    On 16 June 2007, Dutch police raided a concert by a popular West African musician in the migrant neighbourhood in south-east Amsterdam, arresting 111 ...
    Netherlands: Confederation accepts undocumented migrant domestic workers
    Statewatch Bulletin; vol 16 no 5/6 August-December 2006 [c.1055 words] - Feature Article
    After five years of relentless campaigning, the Dutch-based Commission of Filipino Migrant Workers (CFMW), which is part of the European RESPECT netwo...
    Netherlands: Eleven die in fire at "unsafe" detention centre
    Statewatch Bulletin; vol 15 no 5 September-October 2005 [c.1342 words] - Feature Article
    On the night of 26-27 October, 11 people died and 15 were injured in the immigration detention centre located near Schiphol airport. The cause of the ...
    EU: EU governments demand that the European Parliament rushes through mandatory finger-printing and biometric passports
    Statewatch News Online, November 2004 [c.1449 words] - Feature Article
    - is an "urgent" decision justified? - why does the European Parliament not question the legal basis of the measure? - why does the parliament's dra...
    Netherlands: Religious violence and anti-terrorist measures after the murder of Theo van Gogh
    Statewatch Bulletin; vol 14 no 6 November-December 2004 [c.2930 words] - Feature Article
    On 2 November, Theo van Gogh was shot dead in the streets of east Amsterdam. The perpetrator, who was arrested shortly afterwards, was a 26-year old w...
    EU: Compulsory fingerprinting for all passports
    Statewatch News Online, October 2004 [c.2236 words] - Feature Article
    - EU to back demand by Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Spain, Malta, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia for mandatory fingerprinting - only Sweden, Finla...

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