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News Digest: Roundup of news stories from around the EU (17.6.16)
Statewatch News Online, June 2016 [c.1670 words] - Feature Article
EU: Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe
Statewatch News Online, November 2015 [c.1093 words] - Feature Article
- EU seeks autonomous drones, "data fusion" and "enhanced command and contro...
Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (26 stories and documents, 28.10.15) See: Rolling Crisis News updated during the day
[c.1150 words] - Feature Article
- EU: Civil protection mechanism activated at last?  
Internment under the ATCS Act: the first two years
Statewatch Bulletin; vol 14 no 1 January-February 2004 [c.4772 words] - Feature Article
Extracts from a speech by Gareth Peirce, solicitor for a number of the men interned in Belmarsh high-security prison under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime a...
Berlusconi's brave new world
Statewatch Bulletin; vol 13 no 5 August-October 2003 [c.1183 words] - Feature Article
In an extraordinary interview given to the Spectator magazine, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi spoke of his world-view and tackled some of th...
Readmission agreements and EC external migration law
Statewatch News Online, May 2003 [c.2689 words] - Feature Article
The EU's approach to readmission agreements involves insisting that more and more non-EU countries sign up to broad readmission obligations to t...
European rights court condemns Turkey in Ocalan case
Statewatch News Online, March 2003 [c.4219 words] - Feature Article
CHAMBER JUDGMENT IN THE CASE OF ÖCALAN v. TURKEY The European Court of Human Rights has today notified in writing a judgment [fn
The new border regime at Bug River
Statewatch bulletin, vol 13 no 1 (Jan-Feb 2003) [c.3639 words] - Feature Article
Until 1997, research into Polish refugee and migrant politics was relatively easy: you only had to look at the allocation of finances and regulations ...
EU: “safe and dignified”, voluntary or “forced” repatriation to “safe” third countries
Statewatch News Online, November 2002 [c.5042 words] - Feature Article
The meeting of the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council in Brussels on 28-29 November will be discussing a series of new measures for the voluntary or ...
G8 and ILETS discussed problems of "data retention and implications of data protection legislation" in 1999
Statewatch News Online, May 2001 [c.1634 words] - Feature Article
Both the G8 countries technical group on high-tec crime and the International Law Enforcement Seminar (ILETS) raised the issue of data retention and t...
In "a safe and free society " everyone is a "suspect"
Statewatch bulletin, vol 10 no 6 (November-December 2000) [c.1772 words] - Feature Article
The "Agencies" demand: - every phone call - every mobile phone-call - every fax - every e-mail - every website - every web page vsited/d...
Immigration: Germany: Asylum Seeker shot dead/Refugee Congress condemns institutionalised racism
Statewatch bulletin, vol 10 no 2 (March-May 2000) [c.1523 words] - Feature Article
Asylum-seeker shot dead by police On the night of 21 December 1999 Dr Zdravko Nikolov died after officers from the Sondereinsatzkommando (SE...
EU-FBI telecommunications surveillance plan: Secret services andG8 intervene
Statewatch bulletin vol 9 no 6 (November-December 1999) [c.2847 words] - Feature Article
Interventions by the EU's internal security services and a G8 Sub-group on surveillance and data protection The EU-FBI telecommunications surveilla...
UK: International row over waste to Dounreay
Statewatch bulletin, vol 8 no 2 [c.1512 words] - Feature Article
A year ago the US Department of Energy said the Dounreay nuclear complex in Scotland was a proliferation threat because of its trade in weapons-grade ...
EUROPOL: "operative powers" and "organised crime" plan"
Statewatch bulletin, vol 7 no 2 [c.1895 words] - Feature Article
New proposals to be adopted by the European Council in Amsterdam in June would make Europol "operational", give a wide definition of "organised crime"...
G7/8 terrorism summit (feature)
Statewatch bulletin, vol 6 no 5 [c.1791 words] - Feature Article
At Lyons, France on 27 June the Prime Ministers of the G7/8 countries agreed a Declaration on terrorism which was followed by a ministerial meeting of...
EU: Western Europe's cordon sanitaire (feature)
Statewatch bulletin, vol 3 no 6 [c.2513 words] - Feature Article
The countries of the EU have succeeded in recruiting the states bordering on them to the south and east as willing partners in the project of keeping ...
National security - Defence of the real
Statewatch archive [c.1737 words] - Feature Article
National security - Defence of the real artdoc March=1992 New Statesman & Society, 20 March 1992 Martin Shaw, feels that none of the parties' d...
NENIG bulletin no 54
Statewatch archive [c.1829 words] - Feature Article
NENIG bulletin no 54 artdoc October=1993 Northern European Nuclear Information Group Bulletin, March 1992, no: 54 CONTENTS 1. The Europea...
EU: third pillar groups
Statewatch archive [c.3646 words] - Feature Article
EU: third pillar groups bacdoc July=1995 Information taken from the handbook: "Statewatching the new Europe", published in November 1993. Some...
Norway: police & security agencies
Statewatch archive [c.716 words] - Feature Article
Norway: police & security agencies bacdoc July=1995 The information in this country file was first published in the handbook "Statewatching the n...
MI5 Director's speech
Statewatch archive [c.3847 words] - Feature Article
MI5 Director's speech artdoc October=1995 "National Security and International Understanding" speech by Stella Rimmington, Director-General of MI...

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