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News Digest: Round-up of news stories from across the EU (5.2.16)
Statewatch News Online, February 2016 [c.1037 words] - Feature Article
UK: Secret mission? UK "homeland security" firms were in India three weeks before David Cameron's February trade mission
Statewatch News Online, April 2013 [c.1169 words] - Feature Article
15.04.2013 - In late January, Conservative MP and Minister for Security James Brokenshire led a delegation of nearly 25 "homeland security" firms to I...
EU: Millions of euros for new police databases in West Africa
Statewatch News Online, March 2013 [c.1965 words] - Feature Article
07.03.2013 - At least €5 million is being spent by the EU on developing a series of interlinked national police databases in West Africa, that will ev...
EU: Crystal balls: internal security authorities want "technology foresight"
Statewatch News Online, February 2013 [c.1086 words] - Feature Article
11.02.13 - The European Union is to call for the creation of an "internal security technology foresight function" that would ensure "proactive involve...
EU: Europe's police and immigration "mobile identification" enthusiasts prepare to regroup during Irish Presidency of the EU
Statewatch News Online, January 2013 [c.1354 words] - Feature Article
An informal working group that seeks to "bring together good practice and advice to member states in relation to developing and using mobile ID device...
EU: Commission rules out new law enforcement databases - but seeks more data for Europol
Statewatch News Online, December 2012 [c.2413 words] - Feature Article
18.12.12 - A communication from the European Commission published last Saturday states that the exchange of information amongst Europe's law enforceme...
EU: European police step up cooperation on technological research and development
Statewatch News Online, November 2012 [c.1214 words] - Feature Article
26.11.12 - EU Member States' police forces have reinforced their cooperation on technological research and development, with current "priority areas"...
EU: Plans emerge for the collection of personal data outside European borders to obtain "comprehensive situational awareness and intelligence support"
Statewatch News Online, October 2012 [c.1745 words] - Feature Article
At the end of 2011, EU institutions and Member States began work to increase coordination between staff and institutions working on external and inter...
UK: Statement from the women of Yarl's Wood
Statewatch News Online, October 2012 [c.1208 words] - Feature Article
19.10.2012 - The text that follows is a statement issued on Monday 15 October by the women of Yarl's Wood, a group of detainees held at the Yarl's Woo...
EU: Collection of personal data for the EU's Visa Information System spreads further across the globe
Statewatch News Online, October 2012 [c.1130 words] - Feature Article
In October 2011, the consulates of Schengen states in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia began inserting the personal data collect...
EU: Commission failing to follow the rules on the operation of EURODAC
Statewatch News Online, July 2012 [c.1218 words] - Feature Article
5.7.12 An inspection by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) of the EU's EURODAC Central Unit, which contains fingerprint data on ...
FRANCE: Fingerprints and transmission of data: biometrics to protect identity?
Statewatch News Online, January 2012 [c.1347 words] - Feature Article
A law was proposed in July 2010 by the French government on the "protection of identity". It was adopted in December 2011 and introduces biometric (tw...
EU: Another EU database for migrants: the European Criminal Records Information System on Third-Country Nationals
Statewatch News Online, November 2011 [c.1028 words] - Feature Article
29.11.2011 - With the European ...
EU: Small steps to big brother: the development of the Visa Information System and the Schengen Information System II is back on track
Statewatch News Online, August 2011 [c.2111 words] - Feature Article
The Visa Information System (VIS) and the second-generation Schengen Information System (SIS II) are two of the more ambitious IT systems being develo...
UK: Protection of Freedoms Bill provides long-awaited reform of Labour's data retention regime
Statewatch News Online, March 2011 [c.1286 words] - Feature Article
Thousands of innocent people are to be removed from the UK national DNA database, but alarmingly their records will still be held on the Police ...
UK: New coalition government pledges to reverse the substantial erosion of civil liberties and roll-back-state intrusion, by Max Rowlands
Statewatch Bulletin; vol 20 no 1 January-March 2010 [c.5544 words] - Feature Article
Analyses civil liberty commitments made by the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government on ID cards, the DNA database, CCTV, anti-terrorism measur...
Netherlands: Central databases challenged, by Kees Hudig
Statewatch Bulletin; vol 20 no 1 January-March 2010 [c.1557 words] - Feature Article
The creation of a database containing the fingerprints of all Dutch citizens is being legally challenged by a group of people supported by the Priv...
Unisys Corp: A spider in the web of high-tec security, by Eric Töpfer
Statewatch Bulletin; vol 19 no 4 October-December 2009 [c.2978 words] - Feature Article
This article details the growth and operational practices of the Unisys Corporation, a key player in the global "Homeland Security" market. ...
UK: Government's "clumsy, indiscriminate and disproportionate" approach to DNA retention, by Max Rowlands
Statewatch Bulletin; vol 19 no 4 October-December 2009 [c.4051 words] - Feature Article
The UK government intends to keep innocent people on the national DNA database for six years despite the European Court of Human Rights having rule...
Netherlands: Biometric passport data linked to criminal databases by John van Someren (Vrijbit) and Katrin McGauran (Statewatch)
Statewatch Bulletin; vol 19 no 3 July-September 2009 [c.2861 words] - Feature Article
The worldwide attack on civil liberties is reflected in the Dutch state, which has become known for its far-reaching control mechanisms and corpora...
EU: Searching for Needles in an ever expanding haystack: Cross-border DNA exchange in the wake of the Prum Treaty by Eric Topfer
Statewatch Bulletin; vol 18 no 3 July-September 2008 [c.2491 words] - Feature Article
Having “abandoned” proposals for an EU DNA database, the Member States are instead linking their national databases to achieve the same objective
EU: The surveillance of travel where everyone is a suspect
Statewatch Bulletin; vol 18 no 1 January-March 2008 [c.1132 words] - Feature Article
- "all travellers are... considered a priori as potential law breakers" The Commission's "border package", announced in February, comes on t...
UK Information Commissioner: "Surveillance society" a reality
Statewatch Bulletin; vol 17 no 1 January-March 2007 [c.3013 words] - Feature Article
The UK's Information Commissioner, Richard Thomas, has said the surveillance society he warned Britain was "sleepwalking into" is now a reality. Speak...
The dream of total data collection - status quo and future plans for EU information systems
Statewatch Bulletin; vol 16 no 5/6 August-December 2006 [c.6367 words] - Feature Article
The broad use and the extension of EU information systems in the field of policing and especially policing of immigration is a clear indication of the...
EU: EU states will be free to fingerprint children from day one of their life as soon as it is technologically possible
Statewatch News Online, July 2006 [c.1079 words] - Feature Article
- "scanning of fingerprints: up to 12 years of age.. if provided for by national legislation... from 12 years of age: Compulsory" (EU doc no: 9403/1/0...

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